The Taste of a Social Experience

The next time you pop open your favorite craft beer, take a closer look at the label (aka packaging). Someone (or a team of crafters) came up with the vision, the design, the story and approach. Even if you are a beer snob (like some of us), you no doubt chose your favorite beer solely based on your personal taste buds, but you may also be very loyal to its look, its personality, or from having tasted it during a great experience in an inspiring environment. Those emotions elevated your purchase based on need to the realm of desire. 

That’s what is at the core of successful branding, and a part of everything we do. HarvestMoon understands tastes that tantalize. We know beer well (and no, not just from our weekly Happy Hours, although that’s the fun part)! We’ve designed many a beer label, including those for Mammoth Brewing Company (MBC), perhaps better known for its longtime craft beer festival than its seventeen seasonal and specialty beer styles themselves. We’re immersed in developing a successful visual brand, but because of our unique set of talents, we also have taken the Mammoth Brewing Company brand to a powerful next level.

HarvestMoon has produced and grown the destination event—approaching its twenty-fourth year in 2019—Mammoth Festival of Beers & Bluesapalooza into a unique branding scenario for MBC, bringing together the best craft breweries and top blues performers from around the country.

The four-day festival’s success has helped MBC to expand its distribution, define its image, create powerful and supportive alliances, and establish their reputation as a leader in the craft brew industry, confirming that events are a powerful tool to establish a brand and increase demand for products year after year. The festival continues to provide additional opportunities for hundreds of breweries, wineries, vendors, sponsors, and nonprofit organizations to showcase their special products and services. 

With Mammoth Brewing Company as the star, HarvestMoon’s team is the conceptualizers, writers, producers, directors, and promoters behind this unique and successful brand. When it comes to live experiences, HarvestMoon knows the power of developing…